Manual Driving Lessons

Elite Driving School is facilitating its learners with the offers of 1-hour manual driving lessons, 2-hour manual lessons and 10-hour driving lessons for manual cars. The price ranges are £38, £76 and £360 respectively. Besides this, we have offered the learners Intensive Driving Lessons and female driving instructor which ensure their high test-passing ratio. And not neglecting our Instructor training course in the Manual lessons.

Manual Driving Lessons Near Me

The Manual Driving Lessons at the Elite Driving School are the best match for those who are seeking an affordable lesson under a very pocket-friendly budget. You have the 1-hour car driving lessons, 2-hour and 10-hour manual lessons by the highly well-trained car drivers who are Advanced Driving Instructors and with their teachings, you would pass the driving test very easily.

1 Hour Manual Car Driving Lessons

The 1-hour manual car driving lessons at the Elite Driving School are highly rated and well-worked for those who are eager to learn manual driving lessons. The price range for these is £36 and without any doubt it is the best match.

2 Hours Manual Driving Lessons

2 Two-hour manual Driving classes are for those who want to have more learning for manual cars. With this increment in the timings, you can have better control of the vehicle due to better practice and exposure to car driving and its techniques. The price at which they are offering is £76.

10 Hours Manual Driving Classes

As the name identifies its timings and that is around 10 hours for the manual car driven by our highly best in class car drivers. You will have great exposure to these skills which will be taught by our car driving teachers. And the price at which we are offering is £360 for the 10 hours of learning.

Intensive Driving Lessons

Need to learn the manual car in the Intensive Driving Lessons? Perfect! At Elite Driving School, we are offering the best in class car driving lessons that will make you highly confident about the car driving skills to get on the road. We are providing the instructions for both manual car driving and automatic car driving in our Intensive Driving Lessons. This includes our 10-hour Intensive Driving Lessons, 15-hour Intensive Driving Lessons, 20-hour Intensive Driving Lessons and up to 45-hour Intensive Driving Lessons.

Female Manual Driving Lessons

The female learners who lack their confidence while taking instructions from the male driving instructors can take this opportunity and be a part of Elite Driving School. These females will teach you Manual car driving and without any issue you will be one of those learners who will pass their car driving test. You can book your manual driving lesson with the female driving instructor.

Highly Rated Manual Driving Lessons

All Manual driving classes which we are delivering are highly rated and without any lack of doubt, these are the best and most rated lessons in your city. To all the residents of Blackburn, Darwen, Accrington, Oswaldtwistle, Rishton, Great Harwood, Preston, Luton, Nelson, Chorley, Burnley, Walthamstow, Leyton, Leytonstone, Wanstead, Chingford you have the Elite Driving School where you can enhance your skills.

How Much Are Manual Lessons?

The prices are always different in the academies. At Elite Driving School, we deliver our best under pocket friendly charges that can be very much beneficial to you. It’s a great opportunity so must take the enrollment and do not miss this chance. The price range is £36 for 1 hour manual driving lessons, for 2 hours lessons the price range is £76 and £360 for the 10 hours lessons of the manual car driving.


Will I get my driving license quicker learning to drive in a manual?

It depends upon the learning pace and the struggle you will make to learn Manual car driving. The type of car which you are learning does not make the learning quicker or the mocking of the driving test. However, still, if you would choose an automatic car over a manual then maybe there are more. 

Can I learn to drive in a manual car?

Yes! You can learn to drive a manual car because it involves more technical stuff and more in-depth learning of the car. But if you are more comfortable with the automatic car driving then you must go with that.  

How Long Does it Take to Learn Manual? 

Around 40 days are for the learning of Manual car driving which can be more or less as well. This is the expected period with the help of which you can practice a lot and have the preparation for the mock test.


Elite Driving School is offering the 1 hour manual driving lesson, 2 hours lessons for manual driving and 10 hours driving of manual car. We have exceptional features in the high test ratio and maximum passing of the driving test. The prices for the 1-hour manual lessons were £36. For 2 hours the price range is £76 and £360 for the 10 hours of driving lessons for the manual car.