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Nelson is a small and modern town in Lancashire with a population of 29,135. 50 years ago it was an entirely unknown town but now is a developed and modern town having narrow and wide roads in the centre of Lancashire. Everybody can drive on a wide road with confidence but while driving on a narrow road you need focus and consideration.

Driving safely comes with practice and experience which is only possible through proper driving training. Elite Driving School is famous for its best driving instructors Nelson who ensure that you drive safely and confidently on the roads of Nelson.

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Instructor Driving Courses Nelson

The instructor training courses we provide include complete from scratch training. You will be trained to become a driving instructor Nelson, how to cope with difficult situations how to deliver the lessons, what you be doing throughout the training and other important things needed. Likewise, our driving lessons and our driving instructor training courses are also very flexible. We have split our courses into three different sessions to ensure deep training of individuals. 

  • Part-1 Foundation Course
  • Part-2 Driving Ability 
  • Part-3 Instructional Training

To know more about pricing and what’s included in each session visit our PRICING page and have a clear-cut discussion with our top-notch driving instructor in Nelson.

Female Driving Lesson Nelson

What do we offer?

We offer different driving lessons which will help you in becoming a professional driver in no time. Our driving lessons are very comprehensive and include all the important guidelines needed to know for safe driving. We also include instructor training courses in our services that help you to become a professional driving instructor. In the below section, we have explained the instructor training course and Nelson driving lessons offered by us. 

Nelson Driving Lessons

Our Nelson driving lessons are a complete guide you need to know before beginning your driving journey. We offer manual, automatic, intensive and female driving instructor. You should be wondering why female driving lessons are a separate category. It’s because we respect females’ comfort and privacy. That’s why we have Female driving instructors Nelson who are hired to provide driving lessons to females only. If you are willing to drive an automatic car you can go with our automatic driving lessons. If you have a busy schedule and want to get enough training in a short time then our intensive driving lessons are best for you. You can freely choose the best for you option.

  • Manual Driving Lesson
  • Automatic Driving Lesson
  • Intensive Driving Lesson
  • Female Driving Lesson

Why Choose Us as Best Driving Instructors Nelson?

Although there are many driving schools available in Nelson choosing us as the best driving instructors Nelson has numerous benefits. Our extraordinary services will urge you to choose us over every other option. Ready to know why we stand perfectly? We are the most reliable option for you in the city because we have:

Top-Notch Driving Instructors

Undoubtedly we are one of the best driving schools Nelson because we have top-notch highly qualified driving instructors. Our driving instructors are not only qualified but also have many years of experience in the driving field. Yes, you heard right! Our instructors are very able and have exceptional teaching methods. If you want a fun environment with learning then our driving instructors Nelson are right for you. They cope with every difficult situation and teach individuals the same to become a professional driver of their choice.

Private driving lessons

At Elite Driving School we have the advantage for all the students in that we offer manual driving lessons, automatic, intensive and female driving lessons. Yes, we have driving instructors for all types of driving skills. So why choose another when you have all the benefits available in one place? Visit our driving lessons page and get started with our private driving lessons of your choice. 

Advanced driving skills

Skills are more important than grades. What will you do with the grades when you do not know how to utilize your learning? Keeping this thing in mind we focus on giving advanced driving skills to the individuals along with the learning. This will allow them to deal with complicated situations while utilizing their learning skills. Skills can only be provided through a skilled professional. So why wait any longer when you have Elite Driving School? Get in touch with our skilled driving instructors Nelson and have your advanced driving skills to drive with pride.

Flexible Training 

Flexibility is an important factor in personal life. So why not utilize it in our professional life? Keeping in mind the importance of flexibility our driving instructors Nelson offer a flexible training schedule to the individuals. Whether you want to have driving lessons or want to become a driving instructor, you are free to choose your timing. 

Wide Area Coverage

We have provided good news to the people of Nelson but we are not finished yet. Yes, there’s still good news pending to announce. And what’s that? We do not only provide our exceptional driving instructors in Nelson but also Blackburn, Accrington, Darwen, Rishton and Great Harwood. So no matter in which part of England you are, we are always with you to get you behind the wheel. 


How to become a driving instructor for free?

You can get free driving instructor training through some local driving schools that offer commitment through contract and government-free training programs.

How much does it cost to become a driving instructor?

The cost of becoming a driving instructor can vary depending on the location, trainer and certification. While we talk about Nelson, here the average cost of becoming a driving instructor is between the range of £1,500 to £3,000. 

What is the best way to become a driving instructor?

The best way to become a driving instructor is to first find the most reliable and well-established driving school. Then choose the training program of your choice and get the certification with hands-on experience to develop the driving skills.


If you are living in Nelson and struggling with finding the right driving instructor with the maximum experience then look no further than Elite Driving School. Choose us because we have a team of top-notch driving instructors, comprehensive driving lessons, and flexible training schedules tailored to the individual’s needs. Not only do we strive hard in learning but also advanced driving skills. We are the best-in-town option for all Nelson citizens whether they are beginners, males or females or seasoned drivers. So why struggle more with finding the right driving instructor Nelson for you when you have Elite Driving School? Contact us now as we are looking towards you.