Automatic Driving Lessons

At Elite Driving School, we provide Automatic Driving Lessons starting from £36 for 1 hour Automatic Lessons. Including other lessons like 2-hour Automatic driving and 10-hour automatic driving classes. Along with this, we are also facilitating our learners with the Intensive Courses, and Instructor training Courses on Automatic car driving so that there might not be any issue to you while learning to drive the Automatic cars. All these lessons are for Automatic car driving so if you are looking to teach automatic car driving in future then you must be taking enrollment at the Elite Driving School.

Automatic Driving Lessons Near Me

No more worries! We have found the best car driving school for you if you are also one of those browsing for Automatic Driving classes near me. At Elite Driving School, all the residents of Blackburn, Darwen, Blackpool, Accrington, Nelson, Burnley, Chorley, Rishton, Preston, Great Harwood, and Luton can enroll because we have our widespread services where you can be part of us for better learning and guidance.

Automatic Driving Lessons

At Elite Driving School, we are offering the Automatic Driving Lesson for under £36 for 1 hour which is affordable and value to the money as well. We are presenting our 1-hour, 2-hour and 10-hour Automatic Driving classes by the well-trained car driving instructor. For the 2 hours of automatic lesson, the price is £76 and for 10 hours, the prices are £360. These all price ranges are very pocket friendly and everyone can take the enrolment here at the Elite Driving School. Take your enrollment and brighten your future with the Elite Driving School!

1 Hour Driving Lessons

The price which we are taking for the 1 hour of time duration for the automatic lesson is almost around £36 at the Elite Driving School. This offer is best in class and a unique blend of valuable teachers with the affordable money.

2 Hours Automatic Lessons

Offering the 2 hours Automatic Lessons under £76 for everyone who is interested can take the enrollment. This is the best option for those who want to be the next licensed car driver. Under affordable money we are offering this to everyone with our age restriction.

10 Hours Automatic Lessons

10 hours of Automatic lessons for the £360 is a must have! Book this chance and be the next one to get on the road with the license approved. The time duration for the Automatic lesson is 10 hours in which you will get to know a lot related to the drivings.

Intensive Driving Lessons

Looking for Automatic Driving Lessons? We are facilitating our learners with Intensive Driving Lessons in which we enable them to learn to drive an Automatic Car in a very short period. Intensive driving lessons are for those who want to learn to drive an automatic car or manual car but they don’t have that much time. Various Intensive Driving Lessons are here just as the 10-hour Intensive Driving Lessons, 15 15-hour intensive Driving Lessons, 20 Horus Intensive Driving Lessons and many more up to 45 Hours of Intensive Driving Lessons.

Female Automatic Driving Lessons

Seeking for Automatic Driving classes by the Female Driving Instructor? No issues! You are already at the right place. At Elite Driving School, we have such females who can teach those women who lack confidence and face challenges while taking teachings from male teachers. So, you have the option that you can learn to drive an automatic car from our Female Driving Instructor who is proficient in these skills.

Instructor Training Course

Those who want to become a car driving instructor in the future by teaching Automatic cars to the learners have this opportunity at Elite Driving School we are offering a special Instructor Driving Course. This is specially designed for those who have an eagerness to teach the learners who want to be one of those with the mocking of the car driving tests.

ADI Approved Instructor

All of our Automatic Driving Instructor in Luton, Blackpool, Blackburn and other cities are ADI-approved. An ADI-approved person is an individual who is also called the Advance Driving Instructor and has passed various driving-relevant tests. These ADI instructors are hired at the Elite Driving School where you can be the beneficial learners who have the best teachings relevant to car driving. These teachers will teach you the Advanced Driving skills that will lead to a better future and improvement in your skills.

High Rated Automatic Driving Lessons

All of our Automatic Driving Lessons, no matter if it is a 1-hour lesson, 2-hour driving lesson or 10-hour driving lesson, are highly rated by the passers of the mock test who took enrollment here. This rating is upon the basis of overall learners and the percentage is counted on the passed learners who then become licensed car drivers.

Other Franchise

Elite Driving School is a place of well-known and highly populated car driving instructors who teach in various cities like Blackburn, Darwen, Blackpool, Accrington, Nelson, Burnley, Chorley, Rishton, Preston, Great Harwood, and Luton. That is why we are famous for our diversity in the locations where we do spread our services to the learners. We understand the challenges everyone faces and for that, we are also working on enhancing these locations in the future as well.


How Much are Automatic Driving Lessons? 

Automatic Driving classes are £36 in the United Kingdom. This price is an average of overall prices within the UK. Some may be offering it with an additional price and some with a lesser one. However, while taking enrollment in the automatic driving classes make sure that you have the ADI approved instructor.  

Where Do I Find Automatic Driving Lessons?

If you are living in cities like Blackburn, Darwen, Blackpool, Accrington, Nelson, Burnley, Chorley, Rishton, Preston, Great Harwood, or Luton then you join the Elite Driving School which provides their services to these cities.

Pros and cons of Automatic Driving?

Automatic Driving is more easy to learn as compared to Manual car driving however the price ranges are the same. The time duration to learn the automatic car is around 30 days and for manual the duration is around 45 days.


Be a part of the Elite Driving School and we will be making you the next learners to mock the car driving test. The Automatic Driving Lessons which are being offered by us are 1-hour lessons, 2-hour lessons, 10-hour lessons under £36, £76 and £360 price range respectively. We offer our services in various locations and are not bound to only one city or location as we understand that a lot of people are into learning about Automatic Car Driving. Book your lessons now!